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Our Management Consultancy is based in Switzerland, providing more than two decades of experience in Consulting, Corporate Services as well as Legal and Tax Advisory. Due to our specialization in corporate law, we provide trust and company formations worldwide alongside with comprehensive management services. We know that time is king, always have a range of shelf companies in various jurisdictions available.

We arrange formation, purchase or sale of project companies, focused on the purpose of the project and being responsible for the whole set up. We also accompany a transfer of shares in active companies in terms of succession planning in Europe, wether in MBO's, MBI,'s or in complex structures if the company remains a family business.

Especially considering ever changing conditions in legal and tax issues, an independent and specialist advice on complex structures is essential, setting restructuring measures within companies and groups of companies to advise on suitable and efficient parent holding structures - worldwide.

We are mainly focused on EU companies, companies in Swiss or Liechtenstein jurisdiction, offshore companies in suitable locations as well as trusts and foundations under Common Law. You will find our selection of jurisdictions here or browse our side to Company formations. If you plan to enter new markets and need a company somewhere else but this jurisdiction is not listed, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Due to our large network, we can offer advantegous solutions even in such cases.

Our experts in international taxation will form or restructure your company according to laws and tax laws. To achieve sustainable solutions, we will always consider existing Double Taxation Agreements, together with your personal circumstances, to reach your goals.

Due to our existing international network, a one-stop-solution from shelf companies and trustee services to assistance with financial services (Bank Accounts – Credit Cards – Letters-of-Credit - Mortgages an Real Estate Loans) is guaranteed. Our expertise and experience spans over almost 25 years in business, which is a guarantee of high quality of our services, and satisfies your requirements for advice and execution activities.

Find out more of our range of legal and other comprehensive services on our sites.

We do not aim to be the cheapest provider for corporate services and company formation services on the market. We offer personalized solutions, following a strategic process to determine what is in the client’s best interest and want to identify the best opportunities. We implement the goals set out by our clients properly, in a lawful environment and in timely manner, mindful of the legal requirements, laws and regulations. In our opinion this is the only way how to implement company solutions and projects successfully. This is our aim and in this respect, our pricing is very competitive.

Your success is also our success. Our characteristics are positive references from our clients. Challenge us.

Informationen about us

As a renowned Management Consultancy, we offer an individual support and market-based solutions in consulting to our international clientele. Our focus is on the implementation of individual requirements - worldwide.

Our customers have access to comprehensive personal consulting. Depending on the requirements and while considering personal circumstances, we offer different strategies. We select suitable solutions for you, provide you with our know-how and our global network, and ensure a smooth implementation. Click here for detailed information about our range of consulting services.

In area of Financial Consulting, we set up the required processing platform for your intended financial market transactions, obtain the necessary information from both parties and, in collaboration with our renowned law firms in Zurich, Geneva, London and Singapore, we provide for contractual legal certainty of the transactions.

We have a proven expertise in international trade with goods and commodities. We provide you support in obtaining practical solutions for payment transactions for internationally active companies. We give you all necessary support for Letters of Credits, Documentary Accreditives and other payment solutions.

We also focus on development of the most complex insurance solutions and customized insurance programs for the banking and financial sector as well as international trading companies. See below a selection of our insurance products.

Please note: We do not operate the retail business, but provide for individual solutions and standalone wording in partnership with AON London and Lloyds London.

We figure in the commission business, when the parties already come together and are experiencing only processing problems - please contact us on retainer as consultants. Our service is fast, reliable and flexible.

If we have piqued your interest, please contact us for more information and with any further inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.