Company Formation of a Sp. z o.o in Poland

In the last decade, Poland has developed in Central and Eastern Europe as one of the leading locations for foreign investors. Due to the lower production costs, Poland has other interesting prospects. Moreover, in recent years after the accession to the EU, the legal conditions and infrastructural conditions for foreign investors have been continuously improved.

According the Accession Treaty between the Member States of the European Union and the Republic of Poland from 01 May 2004, the EU regulations are valid also in Poland. This relates to the original EU treaties, i.e. the Treaty establishing the European Community, hereinafter referred to as the "Treaty", as well as to other measures so far taken by the institutions of the European Union (Directives and Regulations).

According to Article 43 paragraph 1 of the Treaty, restrictions on the freedom of establishment for companies and businesses within the European Union are prohibited. The freedom refers to both, the exercise of self-employment and the creation and management of companies (companies under civil law and commercial law) according to the rules of the Member State.

No restrictive transitional arrangements have been made in this area. This means that EU companies since the date of accession can use company legal forms provided by Polish law for their economic activities, which also includes the establishment of the representative office.

Company Formation Process

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