Swiss Limited

Formation of a Swiss Limited Company

We form a Swiss company for you, no matter where in the country you would like to domicile it. In preparation for the incorporation we clear all necessary questions for you. These are in particular the name of the company, the purpose of society, the definition of the share type or the division of the common units.

To avoid unnecessary inquiries as a part of the entraining of the commercial registry employees, we will make the preparation of the memorandum and articles on your behalf and, with our experience and expertise, we will stand at your disposal for any related questions.

Once we know what the intended name of your company, the purpose of the company, intended share denomination, the intended domiciliation are, we can start on the formation process.

The Swiss Law requires that all company formations will need to be notarized. With own notaries in house and through to our vast network we are able to offer a smooth process of registration.

Running a Swiss Limited

A Swiss Limited is surely the most conveniet option to establish a business in Switzerland. A Swiss Limited requires a share capital of 100,000 CHF, paid up in full if registered with bearer shares or with at least 50 % in case of registered shares. In both cases the share capital must be deposited in a separate bank account at establishment.

The holders of ordinary shares are shown in the commercial register. Anonymisation is possible via trust mandates and bearer shares.

The Swiss Limited plays a major role in international business and is suitable for all kind of business purposes, small businesses and larger SME's.

Benefits of a Swiss Limited

  • Only one founder - natural or legal person – is required
  • Share capital of CHF 100,000, paid at least 20% of the share capital, at least 50,000 CHF for registered shares
  • Share capital of CHF 100,000, fully paid upon anonymous bearer shares
  • After registration of the Company, the paid in share capital is free for use
  • Low tax burden in comparison with other European countries
  • Ideal also for holding structures
  • No restrictions of domicile and establishment of companies for EU citizens

Swiss GmbH

Swiss GmbH registered capital of 20,000 CHF for the must be deposited at establishment in full. The holders of ordinary shares are shown in the commercial register. Anonymisation is possible via trust mandates.

The Swiss GmbH plays a minor role in international business and is more suitable as an alternative to our Swiss customers.

Next Steps to your new Swiss Company

We not only form your new company, domicile it and provide office services and business accounts, but also advise on legal and tax issues, if required.

Please fill out the following request form and our support team will contact you immediately for the next steps.

Company Formations

Company Formations