UK Limited

Formation of an UK based Limited Company

We form a UK Limited company for you, no matter where in the country you would like to domicile it. In preparation for the incorporation we clear all necessary questions for you. These are in particular the name of the company, the purpose of society, the definition of the share type or the division of the common units.

To avoid unnecessary inquiries from registration offices, we will make the preparation of the memorandum and articles on your behalf and, with our experience and expertise, we will stand at your disposal for any related questions.

Once we know what the intended name of your company, the purpose of the company, intended share denomination, the intended domiciliation are, we can start on the formation process.

Share Capital of a Limited Company

There is no legally prescribed minimum capital for a Limited Company in the U.K. Thus £1 is theoretically sufficient to establish a Limited Company. However, you will find a one-pound creation hardly practicable, as even the pure start-up costs are significantly higher. You will need to have a base to absorb these organizational expenses, if you do not want to start directly with a negative capital.

Common are Limiteds with £ 1,000 to £ 5,000 (pounds sterling) of share capital.

Company Formation Process

Next Steps to your new Limited Company

We not only form your new company, domicile it and provide office services and business accounts, but also advise on legal and tax issues, if required.

Please fill out the following request form and our support team will contact you immediately for the next steps.

Company Formations