Company Formation in Slovakia

Slovakia is a full member of the EU since 2004 and the country has gained massively thanks to the last tax reform, mainly due to the introduction of a flat tax rate of 19% years ago. The flat tax means that owners of corporations will be taxed at 22% (from 2014 onwards), which is also the rate of taxation of the profit distributions.

The aim of this tax reform was to attract foreign investors to invest in Slovakia, in order to align the economy and prepare it for the intra-European competition. Since that time, economic growth is virtually unabated and start-ups are rampant.

In addition, the country infrastructure is good and the wage level is amongst the lowest in European comparison. Easy access by international airports in Bratislava and Vienna.

Benefits of setting up a company in Slovakia

  • Full EU membership since 2004
  • Slovak companies enjoy full acceptance by compliance with EU standards
  • Interesting combinations with companies from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Cyprus
  • Combinations with offshore companies are also possible
  • Affordable expenses for formation expenses and yearly administration costs
  • Liability Limitation to the subscribed share capital
  • Low effective tax rate of the Company - effective 22% flat tax (from 2014)
  • Tax-free receipt of dividends with proper tax structure
  • No inheritance tax
  • Director does not have to be resident in Slovakiano problems with issuing residence permit for EU citizens
  • Currently 63 DTA (double taxation agreements)
  • Slovakia has a strong economic growth and a stable legal situation

Next Steps to your new Limited Company

We not only form your new company, domicile it and provide office services and business accounts, but also advise on legal and tax issues, if required.

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