Your own Private Label Funds


You got an idea for a new financial product - we will develop a matching concept for investments according to your individual specifications. We discuss with you a suitable location for the registration of your Fund and jointly define the investment policy, the fee structure and other required parameters. This naming and marketing rights definitely stay with you.

With a Private Label Fund you have a customized investment solution that offers an attractive way to manage your customers assets efficiently. The core elements of the value chain of asset management and distribution remain with you whereas formation of the fund and management and/or order execution of the fund is outsourced and delegated to appropriate banks. This ensures that legal requirements are fulfilled at all times and comprehensive services will be offered to customers.

With a Private Label Funds in your name you will benefit from professionally managed funds, larger volume and lower costs.

For our international clientele, we establish mutual funds in various locations, always taking into account individual requirements and with the necessary expertise that you can expect.

Advantageous Destinations for Private Label Funds