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We offer comprehensive consultancy services for the formation and acquisition of new companies, private label funds, and trusts and foundations, mainly in connection with the financing of projects and associated project companies - in SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

Of course, we are also available for individual counseling services if you're planning on taking a reputable company formation at these locations. Through our expertise and our global network we can fullfill every demands and are also accessible by telephone for feedback.

We always implement advice to the fiscal structure and possible fiscal disadvantages, however, we can not give either legal and tax advice (during the formation process) if we are not appointed to. Making contact with your lawyer and/or accountant by actively involving them in the development process is not only beneficial but also desirable from our point of view.

We develop company structures and establish companies "onshore" as EU companies and in related destinations (Switzerland, Liechtenstein - no EU Member States but bilaterally associated) as well as at traditional offshore destinations.

Positives of EU-Companies

It does not always have to be a new company founded in far corners of the world, to take advantage of tax-related design options or succession plans successfully.

Who ever went to the Seychelles or Cayman Islands for holidays knows the hardships that can bring such a trip with. Holidays is certainly enjoyable, but one is happy to come back home after 14-18 hours of travelling time. How can one set up an everyday business in all seriousness on this basis? This is hardly possible and the Treasury know the problems.

An offshore company, fast bought through a cheap company formation agency, without appropriate structures in place, with storage of company documents at home, represents the classic invitation for the tax investigation. While we can help in such cases with a good legal advice, we suggest weighing the pros and cons in advance and put a proper legal structure in place anything like that happens.

The EU, especially after the EU enlargement, offers quite interesting perspectives, which can be fully exploited. This brings us to the plan.

And classic offshore companies can be implemented as needed and if suitable, eg for specific transactions such as foundations and trusts, transfer pricing or reinsurance.

Talk to us about your ideas and plans - we are available in London, Fribourg, St. Gallen or Malta and Cyprus.

Reasons for setting up an EU-Company

  • You want to enter new markets or like to make changes in your operating structure - (Germany - Austria) for German spoken markets
  • You intend to use the EU-company as a branch/subsidiary/parent of an EU company or a company with DTA (double taxation agreement) ==>The companies must be places in countries with existing DTA. Within EU, this design is particularly suitable for countries that have a liberal relation to offshore companies (UK, Cyprus, Spain).
  • You intend to set up an Insurance and/or Re- Insurance business
  • You intend to set up a foundation, or a Foundation Trust
  • You would like to register ships and yachts on low costs and fares
  • you want to actually move your center of life to another EU-country

Advantageous Destinations in Europe

Or better various Offshore Destinations ?

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