Offshore Companies

Why to form an Offshore Company

We are still surprised - after decades in the business - about sales arguments used for offers on the Internet by “Formation agencies”. We are even more amazed by the prices offered for various services. Please read more here about those tales and anecdotes.

If you are convinced that an offshore company is the right choice for you, we offer proper advise plus reasonable priced company formations in the following locations:

Advantageous Locations for Offshore-Companies

Reasons for setting up an Offshore Company

  • You want to enter new markets or like to make changes in your operating structure - (Hong Kong - Singapore) for Asian markets
  • You intend to use the offshore company as a branch/subsidiary/parent of an EU company or a company with DTA (double taxation agreement) ==>The companies must be places in countries with existing DTA. Within EU, this design is particularly suitable for countries that have a liberal relation to offshore companies (UK, Cyprus, Spain).
  • You intend to set up an Insurance and/or Re- Insurance business
  • You intend to set up a foundation, or a Foundation Trust
  • You would like to register ships and yachts on low costs and fares
  • you want to actually move your center of life "offshore

Company Formations

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