Comprehensive and individualized Formations

Services in Corporate Law

We are specialized in company formations and structures and like to deal in detail with all your concerns in corporate law. Whether it is for a foundation or conversion, a change of capital, simple mutations or liquidation - for all your projects, we are your expert advice and practical help.

The following is a summary overview of our services in the field of company law. The list shall not be regarded as conclusive.

  • Formations
  • Sole proprietorships and partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Branches
  • Other legal forms
  • Change in Capital
  • Increase of Share Capital
  • Decrease of Share Capital
  • Transfer & Allotment of Shares
  • Bylaws changes and general mutations
  • Change of nominal value of Shares
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Domicile
  • Bylaws changes and general mutations
  • Change of company purpose
  • Changes of organs, officials and signatories
  • Liquidations & Deregistrations, dormant
  • Corporate consulting / Startup advice