Advantage of running a company in Malta

Benefits of a Cyprus Limited

  • Full EU membership since 2004
  • Malta Limited / holding companies enjoy full acceptance by compliance with EU standards
  • A wide choice of companies - various types for all purposes
  • In most cases only one founder - natural or legal person - is required
  • Share capital from 1 € only, depending on type of company
  • Low Corporate Tax Rate of 5 % effective
  • => Ideal for holding structures in combination with other EU-jurisdictions
  • => Ideal for holding structures in combination with offshore jurisdictions
  • Interesting combinations with companies from Switzerland, Slovakia and Hong Kong
  • No taxes on dividens for non residents
  • No Gift and Inheritance Tax
  • VAT Rate 18 %
  • No restrictions of domicile and establishment of companies for EU citizens
  • Residence permits available for non-EU-citizens
  • Access to highly educated workforce
  • Affordable expenses for formation expenses and yearly administration costs
  • Liability Limitation to the subscribed share capital
  • Low effective tax rate of the Company at 5 %
  • Large number of DTA (double taxation agreements)
  • Director does not have to be resident in Malta
  • No problems with issuing residence permit for EU citizens
  • No tax on Patents
  • Strong growth and stable Law system - Common Law

Company Formations