The Republic of Malta offers more than just a holiday destination. The Republic of Malta is inhabited in the majority by Maltese and Britons. Both languages Malteses and English are considered to be official languages. However, especially in business, English is widespread and most common. The whole popolation is about 408,000 citizens, making this tiny island of only 316 skm the world's smallest and most densely populated country.

Malta, being British colony, gained its independence in 1964. Thanks to its colonial history, Malta has an excellent class of English-speaking professionals, many of them are trained in the U.K. The laws and the administration are based on Common Laws and practice but differ slightly from English Laws.

The Republic of Malta was admitted on 1.5.2004 to the European Union and gained a full EU membership in 2008. As of 1 January 2008, it adopted Euro as its currency. Malta is now an international business and financial center with an effective corporate tax rate of only 5%, the lowest tax rate in the European Union. Thanks to its EU membership, unique tax advantages, low cost of living and many other benefits that international companies receive in Malta, more and more entrepreneurs are forming companies, branches and subsidiaries on the Mediterranean island. This makes Malta a very interesting location for your new limited company.

Before gaining the EU-membership, former "offshore" regulations were abolished. The Maltese legislation fulfills today all relevant EU standards, EU regulations, the OECD, the FATF and the FSF. Maltese companies are recognized throughout the European Union as EU companies. It is being used especially by holding companies. Thus, Malta is now in a strong competitor of Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the U.K. and Ireland.

The Republic of Malta attaches a great importance to the protection of assets. Data protection laws at the highest level, reduced information requirements, absolutely no direct liability i.e. by private property are just some of the benefits enjoyed by companies in Malta.

More than 100,000 foreign companies, many of which have branches in Malta, are realizing the enormous benefits of the European country. The favorable conditions of Malta led to a veritable "explosion" of incorporations in recent months - a clear demonstration of the advantages of the Maltese legislation.

Benefits of a Company in Malta

  • Full EU membership since 2004
  • Malta Limited / holding companies enjoy full acceptance by compliance with EU standards
  • Interesting combinations with companies from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Cyprus
  • Combinations with offshore companies are also possible
  • Affordable expenses for formation expenses and yearly administration costs
  • Liability Limitation to the subscribed share capital
  • Low effective tax rate of the Company at 5 %
  • Large number of DTA (double taxation agreements)
  • Director does not have to be resident in Malta
  • No problems with issuing residence permit for EU citizens
  • No tax on Patents
  • Strong growth and stable Law system - Common Law
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Company Formations in Malta

We form a Malta Limited company for you, no matter where in the country you would like to domicile it. In preparation for the incorporation we clear all necessary questions for you. These are in particular the name of the company, the purpose of society, the definition of the share type or the division of the common units.

To avoid unnecessary inquiries from registration offices, we will make the preparation of the memorandum and articles on your behalf and, with our experience and expertise, we will stand at your disposal for any related questions.

Once we know what the intended name of your company, the purpose of the company, intended share denomination, the intended domiciliation are, we can start on the formation process.

We offer a dedicated company formation service in Malta at a base price of €2.390, - EUR, shelf companies are available for a purchase from €2,990.00, depending on the age of the companies.

We offer serious, fast, competent and reliable company formation service in your native language (English, German, French, Czech/Slovak and some Russian) !

Next Steps to your new Limited Company

We not only form your new company, domicile it and provide office services and business accounts, but also advise on legal and tax issues, if required.

Please fill out the following request form and our support team will contact you immediately for the next steps.

Company Formations