Company Formation in Ireland

Ireland has developed over the past three decades, thanks to its clever and consistent industrial development policy and a very attractive location for foreign investors.

With the help of an attractive tax framework as well as support measures, more than a thousand foreign companies moved to Ireland. Numerous companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, electronics and computer manufacturers, software companies such as Google and more recently biotechnology companies have chosen Ireland as a location. At the same time, however, the recruitment of international service companies, especially from the financial sector, was generously supported by the Government.

Positive framework for company formations in Ireland were not deminished by the world financial crisis and remains attractive.

Although Ireland was lately confronted with the trend of increasing labor costs and the relocation of production facilities to low-wage countries, it found the way to keep the bulk of major companies in the country and even attract new investments to the country. This i.e. by focusing on innovative sectors with high added value (such as biotechnology) and the application of offshore investments in the services sector (outsourcing of various back office tasks of international companies to Ireland).

Generally one can say that Ireland has a very favorable climate for investments. Start-ups are processed relatively quickly, without red tape, and at comparatively low cost.

An important aspect of the Irish legal framework should be emphasized at the outset: The legal system of the Republic of Ireland is not only based on the Parliament adopted laws, but also - in contrast to the legal systems of continental Europe - on rules adopted by Irish court judgments (Common Law).

The principle of guiding precedent is applied (Case Law), i.e. existing judgments have the force of law and can be used as a basis for decisions of the same or of similar situations, what a secured assessment of legally relevant circumstances difficult not usually insignificant.

Positive Framework

  • EU-Membership
  • Euro as currency
  • Low corporation tax rate from 12,5% - Europe-wide, only Bulgaria beats Ireland with 10 % corporation tax rate
  • fully OECD-compliant IP-Box Regime (Nexus Approach)
  • one of the most attractive investment promotion packages in Europe, with government subsidies to invest in certain assets, research and training programs
  • close economic ties with the USA
  • the availability of graduates and young professionals with English as first language
  • No restrictions of domicile and establishment of companies for EU citizens
  • Common Law

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